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Employment Rights.

Disabled workers share the same general employment rights as other workers, but there are also some special provisions under the Equality Act. Under the Equality Act, it is unlawful for employers to discriminate against disabled people, for a reason related to their disability, in all aspects of employment, unless this can be justified. If you believe that your employer has treated you less favourably than others for a reason related to your disability, or if your employer has not made reasonable adjustments for you in the workplace, you may want to consider further action. There are a number of actions you might take.

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Disability Engagement.

Effective community engagement and consultation can help ensure the Council is providing the services that residents really need, in the way that residents want to access them. It is crucial that those being asked to take part in engagement of whatever type understand what the offer is - whether it is the ground rules of a participatory budgeting event, consultation on service changes, or why it is important to register to vote. .


If you are disabled and need motor transport to get out and about, contact Motability, an independent not-for-profit organisation, which provides options on car transport solutions for disabled people. In addition The Disabled Drivers' Motor Club (DDMC) is a specialist voluntary organisation in the UK run by and for disabled people who have an interest in motoring and independent mobility.

Reasonable Adjustments.

Under the Equality Act your employer has certain duties to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure that you are not put at a substantial disadvantage by their employment arrangements or by any physical feature of the workplace. Examples of the sort of adjustments your employer should consider in consultation with you, are set out in the Equality Act.

Accommodation needs.

Plan ahead and let the airline or travel operators know about your needs - it is their job to help you and make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible. Choose your method of transport with care, and when flying, go with the most direct route so that you are not left trying to change flights at numerous locations around the world. Discuss with the airline if you will need any assistance.


A British registered charity which provides sporting and adventurous activites for people with all forms of paralysis. Activities include everything from Archery to Canoeing, Gliding to Shooting, Quad-biking to Scuba-Diving, Land-yachting, Falconry and Fishing.